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“Bobby” is an 02’ AQHA gelding, stands 14.1 hands. This horse is one cool chromed up gelding. He is a true cow horse through and through; Bob Acre Doc is his grandsire on the top side and Smart Little Lena is his grandsire on the bottom. He’s broke and wants to work and go do a job, he’s been around and rode out on the ranch. This is also one who could go show in the stock horse/ranch horse competitions and gather some points and prizes. Rides one-handed in a bridle. He’s got some power behind him and can turn it on in a jiff and then shut it back down again. Can handle time off and get saddled to go do a job without worry, he is broke with some cool buttons and is easy to ride. Currently located in Gainesville, Texas.

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Gathered from Twin Peaks HMA
2012 EMM graduate

Firefly goes English or Western and has competed in both. She’s done 2’3” hunter course and can go 2’6”. She has always been barefoot and she stays sound, and this girl is an easy keeper. She is a curious-natured horse with doe-eyes and a flaxen mane. She can be cautious of new environments or situations and needs help at times, but she takes guidance and gets braver all the time and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Firefly does need a quiet and confident rider who can give her support and help her out when she needs it. UTD on vaccinations and coggins. She is 15.3 hands. Firefly is currently here for a tune up and to find a new home. Her owner's biggest wish is to find her the best home, one that will be patient with her and keep Firefly's education progressing. 

​Call Elliot or Caitie at 972-571-6104 or 940-465-3777 to come try her. 

2010 BLM Mustang gelding, titled

AQHA "Bobby Smart"

​2002 Chromed-up Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding



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Fireball rides English we well and has been jumped 2' 6" so far. Naturally clean flying lead changes, is accustom to having sliders on. He'll ride in a snaffle or the bridle, one handed or two. We've had intermediate clients, youth and adults, ride him while their horses were being trained and they've all done great on him every time. Fireball was recently started on liberty training, he's green to it but is advancing well. He's learned the lay down and sit up so far, just getting them solidified and cleaned up now. Also working on circling around the handler and staying on the mark. Fireball is broke and honest, he'll always let you know what's on his mind and how he's feeling. He is at the point now where he can handle some time off and you can still get on and go do a job without worry. Fireball is 14.2 hands, UTD on vaccinations, coggins, vet care, and de-worming.

​Call Elliot or Caitie at 972-571-6104 or 940-465-3777 to come try him. 

Offering all around versatile performance horses for sale and gentled mustangs available.

2009 BLM Mustang mare, titled


Gathered from Desatoya, NV

2015 EMM Graduate

Fireball has been shown extensively in stock horse competitions in the last 2 years, he has won open high point in three series so far. He always plusses on his extended gaits and wins ranch trail just about every time he competes. He's solid on obstacles, both natural and man made. We have roped off of him and frequently use him to start colts and work cattle.