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​Saturday 9/23

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Join us on September 23 and 24 for an Obstacle Clinic, Campfire Dinner, and Trail Challenge! Come plug in or pitch a tent and spend the weekend with us.

On Saturday the 23rd from 9am-4pm we will hold a clinic focused on maneuvering through obstacles with horsemanship. We will work on directibility of the horse and helping the rider clearly communicate with their horse all while keeping horsemanship intact through obstacles. We will also be working on obstacles in a pattern, mostly working outside of the arena. Lunch is included. After the clinic, we will hold a campfire dinner that evening. 

9/24 starting at 8:30am we will hold a Versatility Trail Challenge as our first competition at our new facility in Gainesville! There will be 3 courses set up, all outdoor. The arena will be open for warm up. 

A portion of the proceeds from this event go towards sponsoring the LISD FFA Horse Judging Teams for the 2017-2018 school year. 


FULL Saturday 9/23 Obstacle Clinic (includes lunch)
$10.00 Weekend Stall (must call to reserve, limited space)
FULL Hookup (must call to reserve, limited space)
$10.00 Saturday 9/23 Campfire Dinner
$75.00 Sunday 9/24 Trail Challenge Entry (3 courses)

Trail Challenge, Obstacle Clinic, & Campfire Dinner 

7:30am: Registration opens

8:30am: Trail Challenge begins, courses will run concurrently

Awards immediately following event! 

9:00am: Obstacle Clinic begins

12:00pm-ish: Break for lunch

12:30pm-ish: Get started back with the clinic

4:00pm: Clinic ends

5:30pm-ish: Evening campfire begins, Dinner following shortly thereafter

​Sunday 9/24

Colt Starting* Lessons on your Horse * Horsemanship Clinics * Versatility Training for Every Day Riding & Competition

Versatile Horsemanship